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Anti-Spyware Coalition Hosts Fifth Public Workshop

The Anti-Spyware Coalition is pleased to announce the fifth ASC Public Workshop, to be held May 19th, 2009 in Washington DC. The workshop will be focussed around creating a chain of trust online and how good actors can cooperate in order to protect users. We will hear from leading experts on cybersecurity and experts from various groups with deep investment in a safe and cooperative Internet.

The agenda and registration for this event are now online. If you wish to suggest a speaker for this event, please let us know!

Anti-Spyware Coalition Hosts Panels at Black Hat and Defcon

Members of the Anti-Spyware Coalition will be participating in panels at both Black Hat and Defcon, on August 2nd and August 3rd respectively, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Be sure to check them out if you are at the conventions.

Anti-Spyware Coalition Announces Third Public Workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts

The ASC hosted its third Public Workshop June 27, 2007, at Harvard University Law School, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The day was filled with insightful commentary and worthwhile discussions.  Harvard University kindly recorded the panels and keynotes, and will be placing the results online soon.  Keep an eye on the agenda for links to video in the near future.

Anti-Spyware Coalition's Public Workshop in Ottawa, Ontario a Great Success

On May 16, 2006, ASC held its second public meeting, this time in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, at the Chateau Laurier entitled “Anti-Spyware Coalition Public Workshop: International and Cross-Border Solutions".

Audio from the keynotes and panels is available from the agenda.

Video Available from Anti-Spyware Coalition's Public Workshop in Washington, DC

Video from select keynotes and panels from the ASC's first public workshop is available on the agenda page.
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